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Monday, June 20, 2011

Sully Sullivan: Old Man of the Futures!

The premise behind Sully Sullivan: Old Man of the Futures! is a pretty timeless one: Old people have a hard time working electronics.

This piece was actually inspired by a project from my former employer. Simply put: We made online courses for high school students. Each course would have a theme (Algebra would have pirate animations, Spanish would be a game show, Economics was a board game, etc.) and this specific course (Science) had the theme of space.

The main character in these animation was an older man that would instruct the students on what they needed to do from lesson to lesson. Sounds harmless enough, but the voice that was chosen for the character is the one used in this piece of animation presented here. This voice, combined with the fact he wasn't written with any irony whatsoever, made for a fairly comical result. So having to work with this character, you start to resent him, make fun of him, and ultimately, have the urge to make him what he truly is: a confused old schmuck. So this cartoon is - like many others I've made - a release from having to be subjected to this guy day after day for months at a time.

Here's some preliminary drawings of Sully and his Alien friend Trantor (who was also briefly in the science course)